I was honored to be asked to give the keynote speech for the Aidha Graduation Ceremony 2017 at Nexus Auditorium, Singapore. I was very moved by the graduates' story and their business plans. I'm excited for them, they are fabulous fighters! The event started with powerful conversation and it ended with purposeful movement!

Empowerment is an energy that is not owned by any one person but one that is transferred from source to source. Empowerment is a movement. Literally.

The idea of empowerment is as explained by Rachel Platten in Fight Song.

“Like a small boat on the ocean sending big waves into motion.” (Fight Song by Rachel Platten)

If you wonder how is it possible for a small boat to send big waves?

The reason is simple: The captain of that small boat is fueled by a strong purpose and she is not alone.

There are thousands of small boats on the ocean with her, you, and me.

Together we are in motion, to generate impact that is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description.